Now Is Christ Risen from the Dead
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Via Dei Normanni #30
Motta Sant'Anastasia

CT, Italy 95040
local cell 348-517-4074

Facebook: Calvary Baptist Church (NAS Sigonella)


 Please take either the "front" (at the nursery) or "back" (next to the AGIP station) Motta roads to Motta.  As you enter Motta, the first cross street will be Via Dei Normanni.  You will see our sign directing you to turn onto this street.  The church is located at number 30 on the ground floor of a pink apartment building and across the streeet from a vineyard.  There will be a small sign with blue letters mounted flush on the building that reads "Calvary Baptist Church".  Park your car anywhere on the street, step through the gate at #30 and turn right to the end of the building where the entrance to the church is located.